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Dzisiaj na stronie portalu oxu.az ukazał się wywiad ze mną. Wersję oryginalną w jęz. rosyjskimm można zobaczyć pod adresem: http://ru.oxu.az/culture/39357

Poniżej angielskie tłumaczenie:

Interview with famous Polish photographer Tomasz Przychodzień for www.oxu.az news site

Tomasz, first of all give our readers some information about yourself. When did you started photography and what inspired you to make photos?

Hello, I’m Tomasz from Poland. I’m a photographer. As you probably know :) Well, it’s actually hard to say when I started to be interested in photography. When I was 8-year old kid I got my first camera and it must have the time when I made my first photo. Actually during most of the time I was the most inspiring for me myself. I mean by the bad quality of my photographs :) It kept me developing as an artist.

I started like everyone – shooting everything and everywhere, bringing hundreds of photos from each trip or event – those kinds you never have time to browse later and you can bore your friends to death because they all look the same. With time, I started to understand basics like exposure, composition and other photographic essentials, I started to meet with other photographers, develop my workshop and interests. I read a lot of books regarding photography focusing on creation process rather than technical issues, which I believe are not essential and their development goes along with development of perception of reality shown through your photographs. Of course I followed works of such photographers as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Richard Avedon, Robert Capa, Tomasz Gudzowaty just to name a few – their works influenced me a lot.

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