Stone Cathedrals of the Karakoram Range (series)

Place where the photos were taken: Karakoram, Pakistan
Year of creation: 2019
Print year: 2021

Series of 7 inkjet prints, 15 x 10 cm size, printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta 325 gsm paper, prepared with the use of LUCIA pigment ink.

The prints have been prepared as part of a limited series. Only 50 sets of Fine Art prints are available. Each photograph was self-printed and signed by the author. The print is accompanied by certificate confirming its authenticity . Photos showing the real prints available for sale will appear on the website in March 2021.

The photos are dedicated to the work of Jan Sunderland, a Polish landscape photographer, who died in 1979. For several years I have been taking part in the international photo competition of his name “Mountain Landscape”. The printout was made on the occasion of the 40th edition of the competition, which I won with the series of photos “Stone Cathedrals of the Karakoram Range”.

The first 10 series were printed on sheets of paper hand-cut from unused fragments of a roll of paper used to print the winning works. There are also series 11-50, printed on “default” Hahnemühle-cut paper with rounded corners.