Odle massif

My photography

“To know the mountain, you must sleep on it”
Tom Longstaff, This My Voyage.

I seek light and shade mainly in mountainous areas. I often take photographs in difficult weather conditions, far away from civilisation. Each night spent several thousand meters above sea level brings new experiences I try to transfer to photosensitive material. It took me a long time to understand that the place where the photo was taken is irrelevant to me. It is not difficult to duplicate Instagram frames from any place visited during a short photo trip. My galleries present photographs created over the years in different locations, focusing on visualising my reception of the phenomena that I experience rather than documenting a given place. It is impossible to assign feelings and moments to a specific country or region. Instead, I prefer to focus on analysing the quality of light, contrasts, searching for the ‘spirit of the mountains’ – regardless of the place. Galleries never present the objective way of perceiving landscapes – I invite you to familiarise yourself with my vision. I will be pleased if it will inspire you to discover your own way of experiencing natural landscapes.