en gallery in search of lost light

In search of lost light

Light is the essence of photography. In landscape photography it is everything. Since I started photographing, I’ve been looking for light in every possible form and shape. His elusiveness was driving my photographic life. Light is patience. I am looking for it, sometimes waiting for hours. It doesn’t always show up at the agreed time and place. Visiting the locations I know and seeing them in a different light layout is a unique experience for me. Repeated returns allow me to better understand and understand mountain spaces. The inability to photograph the same scenery in the same lighting makes landscape photography unique. The elusiveness of light means that sometimes it can only reveal the previously unknown face of the mountain for a short moment. Photography consists of just such moments. Photographed, remembered or lost.

I recommend watching with background music. Click:
(Sergey Rahmaninoff, Isle of the Dead)

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