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In Search of Lost Light

In Search of Lost Light Light is the essence of photography. In landscape photography it is everything. Since I started photographing, I’ve been looking for light in every possible form and shape. His elusiveness was driving my photographic life. Light is patience. I am looking for it, sometimes waiting for hours. It doesn’t always show …

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Uomo di Passo Giau

Uomo di Passo Giau „… mountains only make sense when there is a person with their feelings in them, experiencing defeat and victory. And then, when he takes something of those experiences with him into the valleys … ” – Andrzej Zawada I recommend watching the photographs with background music. Click here: (Pearl Jam, Indifference)


Colours of Interior

Colours of Interior I rarely photograph in color. The color in photography usually diverts attention, it is not conducive to contemplation of light and shadow. It washes out images from contrasts. However, in the case of the Icelandic interior, it perfectly emphasizes its character. I associate the pastel delicacy of browns, oranges, greens with the …

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Closer “… in the face of the power of the mountains it is easier to discover yourself, or at least the fact that most of the borders and fears are just a handicap of our mind, beyond which freedom begins…” – J. Teler

DSC1862 2

Shades of Iceland

Shades of Iceland Icelandic landscapes look exceptionally good in black and white. The variability of weather, lighting, variety of terrain and cloud shapes, which I have not seen anywhere else, build a great basis for monochrome photography. Regardless of the season or day.

iceland mountains bw


Iceland The land of fire and ice – one of the most beautiful places I photographed. Cavernous plains, moss-covered lava fields, countless waterfalls, colorful mountains, auroras are a photographer’s paradise. Despite the growing popularity and millions of tourists visiting the island, it still has extraordinary places to offer to enjoy nature exclusively. Being in Iceland …

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iceland snaefellsness
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