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In Search of Lost Light

In Search of Lost Light Light is the essence of photography. In landscape photography it is everything. Since I started photographing, I’ve been looking for

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Uomo di Passo Giau

Uomo di Passo Giau „… mountains only make sense when there is a person with their feelings in them, experiencing defeat and victory. And then,

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Colours of Interior

Colours of Interior I rarely photograph in color. The color in photography usually diverts attention, it is not conducive to contemplation of light and shadow.

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Closer “… in the face of the power of the mountains it is easier to discover yourself, or at least the fact that most of

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Shades of Iceland

Shades of Iceland Icelandic landscapes look exceptionally good in black and white. The variability of weather, lighting, variety of terrain and cloud shapes, which I

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iceland snaefellsness


Iceland The land of fire and ice – one of the most beautiful places I photographed. Cavernous plains, moss-covered lava fields, countless waterfalls, colorful mountains,

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