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Cumulus Neolite Endurance

Cumulus Neolite Endurance – review

Good down is essential. Without it, you won’t even take your camera out in the winter in the mountains. In the Alps, I tested the Cumulus Neolite Endurance jacket, finding out that there can be never too much down in winter..

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72 Faces of Trango Towers

Trango Group is one of the most beautiful photographic subjects I have had the opportunity to photograph. The variety of shapes, forms and textures is unique. The massif is delightful, giving the opportunity to discover hundreds of original frames.

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Meindl Pure Freedom – review

Outdoor equipment can be as important for a landscape photographer as photo equipment. The trip to Pakistan was an opportunity to test new products and among them – Meindl Pure Freedom shoes. How did they manage during one of the most difficult treks?

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