72 Faces of Trango Towers

Stone cathedrals

Trango Towers is one of the most famous groups of mountain peaks and walls in the world. Reaching 6286 meters above sea level, granite spires are every climber’s dream. My expeditions to the Karakoram in 2019 and 2021 allowed me to learn why. Unique rock forms, richness of shapes and textures made me stare at these works of art for hours. For a landscape photographer – a compositional feast. Dozens, hundreds of frames in which you can close the massif – each different and unique. It was even more difficult for me to imagine why no one has yet paid sufficient photographic attention to such an impressive massif. Single photographs of Doug KoufskyThomas ChuColin Prior are definitely not enough to do justice to the great walls of Trango Towers. There are only few places that have stopped me for so long. While K2 was calling, the decision to leave Urdukas camp was one of the most difficult of both expeditions. The 72 photos I have chosen to publish below are perhaps the best proof why was it so hard. Despite so many photographs taken, Trango always leaves me with a feeling of deficiency. I’ll be back. When? I do not know. But for sure I will.


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